Divided Bamboo Laundry Basket (Brown/Nature/Gray/Black)

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Divided Bamboo Laundry Basket Double Hamper with Lid Handles and Removable Liner Two-section Dirty Clothes Storage Sorter Rectangular (Dark Brown)


  • DOUBLE HAMPER: Sort out your laundry beforehand with this double hamper that features two compartments allowing you to
  • separate darks and lights.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY BAMBOO: Made of bamboo, this double laundry basket is stylish, sturdy and durable. It comes in a natural brown
  • color that fits effortlessly into most home décor adding sophistication and style to any space.
  • PRACTICAL & STURDY: Instead of piling dirty clothes on the floor, you can utilize this sturdy hamper to keep all your
  • laundry from sight.
  • REMOVABLE LINER BAG: The liner bag of the laundry basket is removable, washable and easy to clean. You can easily remove
  • the liner bag from the basket for cleaning at the Laundromats.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: The laundry basket is super easy to assemble. Further, it features a space-saving design that makes it
  • easy to store away when it is not in use.


Brian and Dany Bamboo Laundry Hamper is a great organizational tool for a cleaner, neater home. Remove laundry messes and other clutter from the house with this storage space that not only serves its purposes but also looks great. Crafted with natural bamboo and finished with a classic dark brown color, this hamper fits in most home décor bringing that stylish element to any space. The thickened lid and strengthened bottom makes the hamper strong, sturdy and durable. This double hamper comes with two sections that are designed to help you sort out your laundry or store different items in an organized manner. Further, its simple, space-saving design makes it easy to assemble or store away when not in use.