Double Laundry Hamper with lid (Gray/Beige/Black)

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  • DIVIDED INTERIOR/ SEPARATES LIGHTS AND DARKS: Double compartments are separate, you can easily sort your clothes with the help of the 2 dividers. Open up the sturdy lid to find two separate hanging mesh bags that can hold lights and darks, his and hers, or any other combination you can think of!
  • CARRYABLE BAGS MAKE LAUNDRY EASY: Now there’s no need to lug a bulky laundry basket from the bedroom to the laundry room. Simply remove the two individual liner mesh bags (which are washable by the way) that hang from sturdy buttons inside the laundry hamper. The carrying rings make them easy to lift out of the basket and transport to the washing machine.
  • DURABLE & GRACEFUL: Other than the body structure, we have also added a sturdy MDF base board and side board which will ensure the hamper is perfectly stable at all times; natural linen fabric cover adds a modern touch to your room
  • DETACHABLE LID: The flip top cover is attached with strong hook and loop on the back and magnet in the front for convenient opening and closing. It keeps your dirty clothes out of sight while also concealing any smells
  • FOLDABLE — The foldable box can be stored easily when not in use— Fold down flat to fit behind door, between washer/dryer, under bed, etc—