Product concept: A wonderful way of creating and environment for comfortable and healthy living.


About us:

Over the years, Brian and Dany have always wanted to make a difference in their lives and others around them.  They have since realized the importance of balance and have committed themselves to really make changes to help improve the world around them by focusing on what’s important.  As a result, They’ve pledged to a greener, more comfortable and healthy way of life by removing the complexity around them and simplifying everything from design to practicality and not without flexibility, because we are all unique in our own way.


What we build, applies to all facets of how we live our lives and you can find uses for everything from business to your own home living. 




We have the highest standards when it comes to home furnishing by personally building every product coupled with strict quality control to ensure that meets your expectations where you can really solve your challenges. Our products are built with green living in mind which means non-toxic (harmless) and provides a real solution for your lifestyle.


Enjoy high quality products and components that are quick and easy to install and at affordable prices.