Stainless Steel Spice Rack

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BRIAN & DANY 2-Tier Spice Rack Organizer, Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertop Storage Shelf with Cutlery Holder & Chopping Board Rack, Black


Multi-purpose Storage Organizer: 

The two-tier rack helps you turn your disorganized kitchen countertop into a tidy and self-contained space with all the spice, jars, bottles, oil in place. The extra three S hooks serve its purpose by holding towels, spatulas or spoons per your needs. It also comes in useful on the bathroom countertop, coffee bar even your breakfast station.

Removable two-in-one holder: 

The removable two-in-one holder for chopping board and knives hangs on the side of the rack for safety and handy concern. Competitions normally put the knife holder at the back of the rack and users might get hurt from putting in or taking out of the spice or the bottles on the rack. Rest assured and our humanization design won’t let it happen. The one-slotted knife holder allows it easy to place and take the knives. 

Two-tier Spacious Rack: 

The two-tier rack utilizes more vertical space than the single tier rack. Equipped with two shelves with the same width, our two-tier rack goes way beyond the storage capability of the competition with a narrow top shelf by 20%. The outstanding storage capability can almost meet all your needs and expectations as a kitchen organizer. 

Sleek & Stylish Finish:

It serves not only as an organizer but also a decoration to your kitchen. Its sleek and stylish look adds an exquisite touch and stands out in your kitchen collection. Coated in black, it always stays on trend. With this fashion gadget, you have successfully projected an image of good taste and elegance to your friends and your beloved one. 

Sturdy & Stable Built: 

Made from the premium-quality stainless steel, it is sturdy and is not prone to rust. The well-built rack can perform well throughout its lifetime. The long flat feet at the bottom covers more area on the countertop, which allows it not to be lopsided but to stand flat.