Dog Fountain

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  • High Quality Dog Water Fountain- Provides unlimited clean water on demand for drink or play! Creats an unforgettable summer experience for your pet.
  • Easy to Activation & Training- The paw pattern guides your dog to quickly learn to step on the dog fountain pedal to activate fresh water.
  • Upgrade Material- Newly designed brass spout guarantees its strength and durability. Heavy-duty manufacturing for long life use. It also comes with a leak-proof copper valve and rubber friction pads to minimize movement when in use.
  • "Self-Service" Operation- The water dispenser offers a constant supply of fresh water to ensure your pet can easily serve itself. No more dog water bowls to clean or fill.
  • Easy Install- Just connect one end of the hose to the dog fountain and the other end to a threaded faucet, you can ready to go. Adjusting water pressure is done easily by using the control valve on the yellow splitter.