BRIAN & DANY AC110V Self Priming Water Pressure Pump

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  • 【Self-priming Design】Capable of self-priming up to 9 vertical feet, it is a perfect fit to be mounted above the tank. A handy tool for domestic use, garden irrigation, camping, it is a good deal for you.
  • 【On-demand Pressure Switch】-This automatic shut-off pressure switch can turn on and off under water pressure. It is approved for usage in potable water.
  • 【Cautions & Attentions】Pay extra attention to the leakage around the outlet, if any. Minor leakage will gradually releases the pressure from 45psi to 20 psi and the pump will restart all over again.
  • 【Complete Spare Accessories】-A ready-to-go set which also includes NPT Female-male filter*1, thread connecter*2 and hose adapter*2 for immediate operation.
  • 【Overload Thermal Protection】-The overload thermal protection safeguards the pump from damages due to overheat. After cooling down for 20-30 mins, the pump will resume work automatically.