2.6Gallon Ash Bucket with Lid

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  • All in one bucket set - the ash bucket comes with a shovel, cute lid, and a wooden broom to help you keep your fireplace tidy. It’s also fitted with wooden handles for perfect grip; easily carry the ash bucket by its sturdy metal handle. The raised bottom keeps the bucket away from the ground, thus protecting the floor from heat.
  • Large capacity – with 11.1" x 11.1" mouth opening dimensions, the bucket can hold plenty of coal, fire glass, and wood withstanding a load capacity of up to 25.6 lbs. Safely and easily fill up the ash bucket and dispose of wood-burning debris and coal ash, thanks to its wide opening.
  • Perfect design- The ash bucket is elegantly fitted with a side pocket to hold the shovel, making it a single unit. It also features a tight-fitting lid to help you keep your fireplace clean by preventing the ash from falling onto the floor. The steel handles come with natural wood grip.
  • Dual-purpose – perfectly crafted hearth ash bucket for both outdoor and indoor use. It's designed to be used in wood-burning stoves, pizza ovens, grills, hearths, fire pits, and more. Use it to safely clean up ash, coal, and ember. More so, it's an ideal storage container that can be used to store fire glass, pellets, kindling wood, and other fireplace items.
  • Keep your fireplace tidy – The bucket could hold plenty of ash. It also comes with a shovel and hand broom to make your cleaning much easier. Shovel Dimension:4.5”(W) x13.1”(H), Hand Broom Dimension:2.7”(W) x11”(D)