BRIAN & DANY Stainless Steel 115 Volt Inline Home Brewing System Beer Pump

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  • SPECIFICATIONS: 1/2inch MPT Inlet&Outlet; 110V/60Hz; 5GPM max. flow; 10W rated power; No self-priming; Do not run dry; 4.75ft long 3-prong power cord.
  • FDA FOOD COMPLIANT - Stainless steel is used in professional setups because it is a durable, food-grade metal that can withstand caustic chemicals and can be effectively sanitized.
  • EASY TO USE: Prime by running liquid through pump prior to turning on; The liquid travels from the bottom of the valve into the pump, and once device is powered on (plugged in to outlet), the propeller circulates liquid for maximum flow; Use to dispense beer, treat water, transfer hot water from your kettle to a mash tun, or recirculate mash wort and sparge and transfer to a brew kettle
  • MATERIAL PERFORMANCE: Pump extraction medium temperature changes should be controlled within 100℃, high temperature does not exceed 120℃. Shaft bearing adopt special ceramics material which make it characterize strong resistance for abrasion and corrosion.
  • MAGNETIC: Fully sealed pump motor with connecting magnetic shaft and magnetic propeller; Magnetically coupled for enhanced operation