BRIAN & DANY Electric hand mixer 6-speed lightweight hand-held egg beater

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[4 stainless steel accessories] - This mixer set includes 4 accessories, 2 dough hooks to make mixing dough and heavier cakes easy; 2 mixers are very suitable for beating egg whites and for shallow cake mixtures or Batter.
[Six variable speed settings] – The hand mixer has 1 to 6 different speed settings and turbo functions, allowing you to mix dry powder, jam, soft dough, and puree to achieve high-quality results. [Comfortable grip and easy eject button] - Avoid ingredient splashing, the lightweight blender has an ergonomic grip, small and lightweight design makes the operation comfortable, and adjust the speed to 0, press the eject button, the accessories will be very Easy to pop out.
[Easy to clean, multi-purpose] - All accessories can be cleaned in a dishwasher, you can clean it with a damp cloth. Electric hand mixer, mixing, beating, kneading, mixing eggs or cream, providing you with a comfortable and safe user experience.
[Perfect kitchen accessories]-the perfect assistant for making desserts, cakes, pizza bread and other baked goods. Definitely value for money and the most durable choice.